Kit’s only goal is to stay alive. Right now, that means dodging brutal gangs while peddling fake I.D.s on the back streets of Winnipeg. But things get complicated when Kit sells a license to a girl named Aura—a girl who could almost be her twin. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Kit is plunged into an underground society with heart-stopping surprises at every turn. To protect herself, she’s forced to assume Aura’s identity. But storm clouds are gathering on the horizon, and when Kit learns the truth about Aura, she knows she has to get out before the storm breaks. There’s only one problem: escape isn’t an option.

Suddenly, staying alive just got a lot harder.



It is hidden gems like Downburst that make me love reviewing independent and small press published books. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this book. Go read it!

The book is well-paced and full of action, with Kit proving to be a competent hero…The biggest surprise was the ending, which kept me riveted on my seat until the last page when all I could think was ‘when does the next one come out?’ Overall, a very satisfying read.

Downburst is Katie Robison’s debut YA novel and it is set to be a great series – The Windstorm Series. I completely agree with many others who have said this series will rival The Hunger Games…Word of advice – get your hands on this one if you haven’t already.

This book caught my interest from page one and didn’t let go…I highly recommend [it], and I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel!

My favorite of the series. It starts off slow, but then introduces such a fun, mythical, magical new world that was very easy to get caught up in. It’s quite the page turner, I sped through it in a matter of hours. Just really fun, really well done YA action and adventure. Highly recommend.

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Wow, this book was awesome! And I don’t say that very often. This book was described as something that ‘fans of the Hunger Games will love’ and I agree. It is fast-paced with a fascinating undercurrent of supernatural, Native American mythology and a plot that keeps the reader guessing. Each time I had a theory on what was going to happen, further reading repeatedly proved me wrong. There wasn’t a single moment in the book where I was bored, which has not happened to me in a very long time.

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In a world of copy cats, do yourself a favor and pick up Downburst!


You will burn through this book, and then just want to read it again immediately. Tight, beautifully wrought writing, SUPER suspense, and magical realism lift this book far far above other YA. If you’re looking for something to fill the Hunger Games void in your life, this will definitely do it. The pacing, the action, and the realistic romance (as in, people that get to know each other and aren’t sparkling vampires and horrifyingly weak female leads) are all fabulously satisfying. Robison has created a fascinating and unique world within our own contemporary world, and you’ll find yourself wishing it was real.


Okay, this book was seriously cool…I can’t tell you what happens, because the surprise is half the fun, but there came a point in the book where I literally didn’t want to put it down. It surprised me at every turn. When I hit the last page, I literally went straight to Amazon to see if I could buy the second one. The characters were well-written–she doesn’t spend too much time on unnecessary details; the descriptive writing was lovely; and the plot was awesome…Bottom line, read it. Can’t wait for the next one!


Thank heavens! My faith in YW Lit is restored.


Do yourself a favor and read this book! It sucks you in from page one and you can’t put it down. It is the perfect blend of action, adventure, suspense, normalcy, and of course romance. Katie Robison is a great writer, and the descriptions make you feel like you are in Kit’s shoes. It’s wonderful. Missing the Hunger Games series or looking for that next great series? This is it!


It is the perfect combination of action, thrill, creativity, and romance. I think it has something to offer for everyone. If you enjoyed the Hunger Games I think that you would enjoy this book and not be able to put it down. I am anxiously waiting for the sequel!


Wow. This author left the gate RUNNING. What an impressive showing for a first book! I can honestly recommend this to anyone and EVERYONE…I love that the characters are real and relatable. The world created by Robison is so very much like ours. I love how she included references to our culture, language and many other things to make the veil between reality and the world she created very thin. I love her explanation of the beginning of the world and how people in the world she created forgot their power. There are scenes I keep going over. I honestly think I am going to read this again before the end of the month. I’ve never done that before. This read almost like I watched it, like I was THERE. Go get this book. It is worth it. So glad I read it. DYING for a sequel!


Downburst was fantastic! Once I started it last night, I had the hardest time putting it down. I loved the characters, especially Kit, and I thought the plot was really imaginative and unique. I was unable to predict what would happen next; the story always kept me on my toes. I highly recommend the novel, and I can’t wait for the next one!


The characters were interesting and diverse, and I’m looking forward to having them fleshed out even more in the next book. Highly recommended!


This book was so intense and action packed, it was hard to stop reading…The book was very different than the description had led me to think (which is usually the case–I hate when book descriptions give away important plot points), but in such a good way. if you have a hard time putting down books like I do, pick this book up when you have time on your hands. However, it didn’t take me long to read. Loved the modern twist on origin mythology, creating a new group of fantasy characters from old stories.


This is a great book! This is the first novel that Katie has written and you wouldn’t know it from the story. She tells a great story as you are constantly wondering what will happen next and the twists and turns continually surprise you…I can’t wait to see what the second book contains!


This book is a fantastic read. I literally could not put it down–I stayed up until 3am to finish it, and was immediately DYING FOR THE NEXT ONE!!! The writing is fluid and interesting, the story line has just enough twists and turns, and the characters are very real and enticing. Please, do yourself a favor and read this book. You won’t regret it!


I was sucked in on page 1 and I finished reading it in record time, diving in, and I just barely came up breathing. Everything was so vivid, and I love authors who can paint a picture that leaps off the pages. Adrenaline rush my goodness! I am banging my head against the wall in anticipation for the next book.


When I first started reading Downburst, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew nothing of the plot or the world created by Robison, and I’m so glad I didn’t. I was completely sucked in from the beginning as the plot takes off running – literally! There is never a dull moment. Each chapter brings more excitement as you are dragged into a world so interesting you can’t help but wish it were real.


I absolutely loved this book and raced through it, carried along with one unique plot twist after another. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in the series. I’m hooked, and so excited to have found such a great new voice in young adult fiction!