I thought it would be useful to have a list of my publications, interviews, and guest posts in one place. I’ll try to keep this updated.

Creative Publications

Firestorm: Book Three of the Windstorm Series, YA novel, Quil Books, 2016

Coiled Snake: Book Two of the Windstorm Series, YA novel, Quil Books, 2013

-“Moko,” Memoir/ nonfiction essay, Red Clay Review, 2012

Downburst: Book One of the Windstorm Series, YA novel, Quil Books, 2012

Academic Publications

-“The Path to Wholeness: The Therapeutic Potential of Bodily Writing in Late Medieval Dream Visions,” Ph.D. dissertation, University of Minnesota, 2016

-‘Thou wolt make…thyn hede to ake’: A Post-Chaucerian Treatment for Madness in Christine de Pizan’s Chemin de long estude,” peer-reviewed article, The Chaucer Review, Volume 49, 2014

-“Influence and Ideal: The Perception, Permutation, and Propagation of the Literary and Cultural Patronage of Eleanor of Aquitaine,” Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Brigham Young University, 2009

-“Finding a Voice: Women Writers in Print 1500-1700,” scholarly essay, Tabulae Humanities Journal, 2008

-“Dismantling a Great Work,” cover article, Insight Honors Journal, 2008

-You can find my C.V. here.

Guest Posts

-“Getting the Setting Right,” Princessica of Books (book blog), 2016

-“The Inspiration Behind Firestorm,” Mundie Moms (book blog), 2016

-“Balancing Work/School with Writing,” Ana Loves (book blog), 2016

-“My Top Ten Magical Experiences,” It Starts at Midnight (book blog), 2016

-“The Power of Story,” Read Sleep Repeat (book blog), 2016

-“Europe through a Toddler’s Eyes,” travelogue/ photo essay, Tropic of Candycorn (family travel blog), 2015

-“Veni, Vedi, Vici,” Girl Who Reads (book blog), top viewed guest post of 2012


Such Stuff Books, 2016

BookhoundsYA, 2016

Good Tales, 2016

BYU English Society (podcast), 2015

Please and Thank You, 2012

Indie Book Exchange (podcast), 2012

Brandie Breathes Books, 2012

The Minnesota Daily, 2012